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TechNOLOGY INtegration

Incydr™ + Tines

Automate insider threat response workflows in a flexible, no-code manner





Data Directionality

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How the integration works

Triage, contain and escalate the high-risk file activities detected by Incydr using the automation of Tines. With the Incydr and Tines Stories, you’ll protect data from employee-driven exposure, leak and theft, and improve your organization’s insider threat posture – without burdening your security team. 

Key features

  • Stories for insider threat response: Leverage the Incydr and Tines Stories to automatically open tickets or take predefined response actions based on the severity of an Incydr alert
  • Response controls for data risk events: Response actions include reaching out to a user, opening a ticket, restricting system access and more – with the flexibility to customize your actions as needed
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Benefits of the integration

Save time

Automate the triage and containment of data risk events with response controls that correspond to the severity of an event

Respond quickly

Speed your time to respond to data risk events without expanding the size of your team or overloading security analysts

Integrate with anything

Get more from your tech stack by ensuring your Incydr and Tines work seamlessly with the rest of your tech stack in a no-code fashion

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