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TechNOLOGY INtegration

Incydr™ + Rapid7

Ingest alerts, get actionable insights, and triage insider threats





Data Directionality

Out of Incydr

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How the integration works

Incydr sends alerts to Rapid7 InsightIDR and delivers a prioritized view of top exfiltration destinations, most risky users and types of files exposed so that analysts can instantly see a company-wide view of where and who is putting valuable data at risk. 

Key features

  • Alert triage: Ingest prioritized alerts from Incydr into Rapid7
  • Custom dashboards: Analyze and report on data exposure to quickly identify untrusted activity and triage the most critical alerts
  • Device health checks: Ensure you’re getting accurate, up-to-date information on exfiltration events from all monitored devices
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Benefits of the integration

Increased visibility

Leverage Incydr’s alert prioritization to manage data risk across all employees and gain a company-wide view of exfiltration activity

Alert review efficiency

Streamline workflows by maintaining Rapid7 as your preferred system for alert review and triage

Access management

Gain complete visibility into data at risk and protect your company’s intellectual property and other high-value data

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