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Incydr™ + Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Leverage user attributes within Incydr and authenticate and provision users





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How the integration works

Incydr integrates with Micrsoft Azure Active Directory to perform authentication and provisioning as well as to ingest and leverage user context to inform risk prioritization. Azure AD provides Incydr with user attributes including division, manager, title or location to enhance monitoring of users most likely to put data at risk, such as contractors or departing employees. This approach gives organizations flexibility to create and customize their Incydr environment based on needs for security, scalability, employee productivity and user management.

Key features

  • Single sign-on: Implement single sign-on (SSO) as the authentication method in your Incydr environment to simplify the user experience while ensuring data is secure
  • Incydr app for Azure: Create and deactivate users and push groups all within Azure
  • Trigger access controls: Respond to exposure events by easily removing user access rights
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Benefits of the integration

Manage high-risk users

Easily view and manage groups of users most likely to put data at risk, including contractors or departing employees

Detailed user context

Leverage role-based user attributes to provide additional user context needed to speed investigations

Increase productivity

Increase employee productivity and collaboration while keeping data secure

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