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Incydr™ + Google Drive

Detect and manage files shared from your Google Drive environment


Incydr Exfiltration Detectors


Cloud Service

Data Directionality

Into and out of Incydr

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How the integration works

Google Drive allows employees to effectively collaborate with one another and is critical to how many organizations get work done. Incydr’s integration with Google Drive looks at all file activity across the corporate Google Drive account. Unlike traditional security methods, this identifies any potential risk of files being shared and allows security practitioners to act quickly when there is real risk.

Key features

  • Revoke sharing permissions: Respond to exposure events by easily changing file access
  • View file contents: Gain temporary access to file contents and assess risk
  • Full visibility: Monitor Google Drive to detect public or unauthorized file sharing
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Benefits of the integration

Data movement visibility

Insight to files moving to and from users’ corporate Google Drive accounts regardless of sensitivity

Gather context

Access to comprehensive details including clue name, owner, size, path and hash in order to quickly assess risk in real-time

Drive secure work habits

Validate proper use of corporate Google Drive accounts without disrupting work collaboration

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