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Incydr™ + CyberArk Flow

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Solution Brief

Stop Data Leaks Caused by Users with Privileged Access

Stop data leaks caused by users with privileged access

Users with privileged access credentials have access to sensitive systems and applications that can contain production data and very sensitive IP. When corporate data is leaked (regardless of the intent), it impacts corporate finances, reputation and competitive standing. That’s why security teams need to respond to data leaks caused by user groups with privileged access differently than they manage other user groups.

Incydr + CyberArk provide a solution for managing Insider Risk caused by users with privileged access. This integration will help:

  • Simplify processes that rely on disparate systems and multiple teams
  • Accelerate response times
  • Reduce manual, repetitive or error prone tasks

Benefits of the Incydr + CyberArk integration

Bring together actionable insights from multiple systems and conduct a thorough investigation in Incydr.

Speed up the time to remediate critical events by automating controls at the user, device or network level to stop further data exposure while your security team investigates.

Automate security operations processes that require information from disparate systems or involve stakeholders from multiple departments.

Incydr + CyberArk flow

The Incydr + CyberArk Flow is a no-code automated integration that enables the removal of privileged access credentials in response to a critical Insider Risk Indicator (IRI). This containment response ensures that no further data exposure takes place while security investigates.

Featured Use Case

  • CyberArk populates Incydr’s High Risk Lens with a list of employees who have access to the company’s most sensitive safes
  • Incydr groups these users in a “elevated access” user group
  • A user in this risk group exfiltrates source code
  • Incydr triggers an alert with an IRI that source code exfiltration has occurred
  • CyberArk disables the users elevated credentials and prevents further access to sensitive information
A graphic diagram displaying how CyberArk and Incydr work together to response to high risk employee data exfiltration.

Integration capabilities

A remote workforce introduces new collaboration tools and thus new risks that make it difficult to ensure data security and compliance. Employees are off-network, causing security teams to lose visibility into file access and data movement. And while most security teams have data security and remote work policies, they are difficult to enforce without the right tools in place.

High-risk user group monitoring

Enhanced monitoring for groups of users who have privileged access to CyberArk safes with high-value data.

Privileged access controls

Revoke privileged access to CyberArk safes to contain data leaks and reduce additional risk exposure.

CyberArk response

CyberArk disables the users elevated credentials.

Risk detection lens automation

Add user context from CyberArk to Incydr’s High Risk detection lens automatically, in near real time.

No-code automation

Code42 professional services sets up and maintains the Incydr + CyberArk Flow.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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