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TechNOLOGY INtegration

Incydr™ + CyberArk

Stop data leaks caused by users with privileged access





Data Directionality

Into and out of Incydr

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How the integration works

Incydr integrates with CyberArk to manage insider threats caused by users with privileged access. It enables the removal of privileged access credentials in response to a critical Incydr Risk Indicator (IRI). This containment response ensures that no further data exposure takes place while security investigates.

Key features

  • Access controls: Respond to insider threats by quickly removing privileged user access rights within CyberArk in order to contain risk to data during a security investigation
  • PSM & CPM: Leverage the CyberArk safe for Incydr logins and to secure the admin’s session within Incydr
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Benefits of the integration

Data protection

Protect data by applying access controls in response to detected threats

Complete context

Utilize user attributes to provide quick context and speed decision-making during an investigation

Increase productivity

Effectively monitor and mitigate insider threats by automating Watchlist management

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