"Code42 is a highly versatile tool. It's protecting data across our mobile workforce, while saving us a significant amount of hours of time every year."
- Rob Janssen


Marel supports GDPR compliance strategy with Code42 Next-Gen DLP

Marel provides state-of-the-art equipment and services to poultry, meat and fish processors throughout the world.

Industry: Machinery
Headquarters: Reykjavik, Iceland
Global Reach: 45+ offices, from 30 countries, with 55% of workforce based in the European Union (EU)
Employees: 2,500+

Critical needs 

  • Support GDPR compliance
  • Accelerate forensic investigations
  • Real-time data recovery

Code42's continuous, real time, collection of every version of every file enabled Marel to comply with key GDPR data protection, recovery and notification requirements. With this, Marel can easily meet GDPR rules requiring companies to report the extent of any personal data breach within 72 hours. The company can recover all files, including data that's been deleted or maliciously encrypted.

The ability to search through data collection archives allows Rob Janssen, manager of global infrastructure and QRC at Marel, to determine what files were on a device at a given date and time, which users had access to those files, and what content, including personal information, was housed within those files. "In the event of a data breach, Code42 helps us assess our exposure by giving us full visibility into every file on every laptop," Janssen said. "We believe this is critical to complying with the GDPR".

Business value

  • Data protection for global, mobile workforce
  • Accomplished GDPR compliance strategy
  • Thousands of hours saved in productivity

Protecting its mobile workforce
Marel trusts Code42 Next-Gen DLP as part of its GDPR compliance strategy because the solution has already proven its value to the company in other data protection respects. Prior to Code42, Marel found it challenging to secure employee laptops and tablets. When workers experienced data loss, restoring them was time consuming.

With Code42 in place, files are automatically secured in real time, without IT or employees having to do a thing. Now, when employees experience data loss, they can use the self-service recovery features of Code42 to restore the lost data anytime, anywhere without the help of IT. This is a huge benefit, because it increases the productivity of both IT and end users, while ensuring data is never lost.

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