"One of the biggest benefits of Code42 is the fact that we're no longer at risk of data loss — whether that be due to user interaction, ransomware, or hardware failure."
- Eddie Anderson

MacDonald-Miller employees talk about Code42 Next-Gen DLP.

Voice of Customer

Chad Tracy and Eddie Anderson from MacDonald-Miller

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MacDonald-Miller protects company data, time, money, and reputation

For full-service design-build mechanical contractor, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, it was the realization that every file had value to the business, and losing files has a direct impact on revenue, that lead MacDonald-Miller to Code42.

Industry: Construction
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Global Reach: 10 locations across the Pacific Northwest
Employees: 1,000+

Critical needs

  • Rapid recovery of lost, deleted and ransomed files
  • Maximize end user and IT productivity

Prior to Code42, the IT team at MacDonald-Miller, regularly heard employees express frustration related to the two to four hours it took them to recreate a file, resulting in lost time on the job. Chad Tracy, network administrator at MacDonald-Miller, had heard enough of those stories and decided that they needed a system in place to ensure that users would never be derailed by data loss again.

Building a self-service culture
When selecting a solution for data loss protection, the biggest thing for MacDonald-Miller was saving time. Tracy says "We wanted our users to get in there and restore their own files so we weren't a burden on them." Since MacDonald-Miller implemented Code42, many employees have begun restoring their own files when data loss is experienced. Today, 50 to 60 percent of employees complete their own file restores, and the percentage continues to grow.

Business value

  • Protection against data loss
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Empowered users to self-service data recovery

Securing future growth
Most importantly, MacDonald-Miller has found a way to protect its future growth. "One of the biggest benefits is the fact that we're no longer at risk of data loss—whether that be due to user interaction, ransomware, or hardware failure," says Anderson. "All of that leads to lost time, money, and faith in our company—so having Code42 as a safety net is a big thing for us."

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