“We went from having no way of knowing if something like this was going to happen, to being completely protected.”
- Eddie Anderson

MacDonald-Miller employees talk about Code42 Next-Gen DLP.

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Chad Tracy and Eddie Anderson from MacDonald-Miller

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Establishing effective employee off-boarding processes

MacDonald-Miller is a full-service design-build mechanical contractor in the Pacific Northwest. With valuable IP, such as building designs, blueprints, and sales data, MacDonald-Miller needed an effective way to preserve data and protect it from threats such as departing employees.

Industry: Construction
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Global Reach: 10 locations across the Pacific Northwest
Employees: 1,000+

Critical needs

  • Detection for data exfiltration
  • Effective legal hold process
  • Monitoring employee file transfer activity

Legal hold
Prior to deploying Code42, MacDonald-Miller's legal hold process was very vague. Specifically, employee offboarding workflow was manual. Once HR informed IT of the departing employee, either the individuals manager, IT, or HR would find the computer and then manually search through documents, pictures and excel files, to see what the individual had access to at the time of their termination.

Now, using Code42's preservation capability, MacDonald-Miller's HR director uses Code42 any time they have a termination from the company.

Departing employee
Using Code42, MacDonald-Miller is able to monitor departing employee's file activity in order to detect and investigate any incidents of data exfiltration. If there is a situation where an employee exfiltrated data, MacDonald-Miller is able to investigate and see exactly what the user took with them.

In one such situation, MacDonald-Miller had a high profile employee leave, who had been with the company for about 12 years. Through use of Code42, MacDonald-Miller was able to monitor file transfer history and found out that roughly 90 gigabytes of sales opportunities, and other critical data, had left their network, going to an external drive. Having Code42, allowed them to detect this incident and be proactive in investigating the problem and remediating it before it ever escalated past the initial incident.

Before this point, there was no way of ever knowing when data was leaving. "We went from having no way of knowing if something like this was going to happen, to being completely protected." Eddie Anderson, help desk support agent for MacDonald-Miller

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