Global Manufacturer

“We had Code42 installed on their computers, so we had the historical data to disprove many of their accusations. It was the one thing that saved us.”
- Manager


Global manufacturer reduces an employee lawsuit using Code42

One Code42 customer, a global manufacturing conglomerate, learned about the prevalent risk associated with insider threats the hard way, when a corporate VP was let go prior to IT having possession of the employee laptop. At the time, they had no way to show if, or what, data had been moved from the employee’s laptop to a USB drive or cloud source.

Industry: Chemical Manufacturer
Headquarters: Europe
Global Reach: EMEA, Asia, North and South America
Employees: 1,000+

Critical needs

  • Detect data exfiltration incidents
  • Investigate insider threats
  • Recover lost or deleted files

Shortly after this incident, an IT manager discovered Code42, learning that it could provide visibility into where files moved, such as removable media or personal cloud accounts. This visibility, paired with the ability to quickly recover files fulfilled gaps which were highly concerning.

Saved from a multimillion-dollar lawsuit
Code42 soon proved its worth—and earned the manager additional respect and appreciation from his team. Within months of deploying Code42, two international consultants sued the company for ten million dollars.

Using Code42, the conglomerate's IT staff found the exact date when the consultants had deleted files and copied documents to their flash drives. "We had records with serial numbers—I mean, there was 50 or 60 gigabytes of data moved to personal drives," the IT administrator said. "We handed all of this information to our lawyers and they were like, 'Oh my God, this is going to save us. This is awesome.'"

In the end, Code42's monitoring capability saved the conglomerate $9 million in just one lawsuit. "We still have to pay the consultants because some of their accusations were valid, but having Code42 brought an eight-figure lawsuit down to about a million dollars," the systems administrator said. "It was the one thing that saved us."

Real time data exfiltration detection configured
Since then, the organization has configured alerts, within Code42, so that they are able to detect suspicious data movement in real time. "This is the first time we've had something to cover our butts and protect us from data loss and our IP being shared," the systems administrator said. "We love Code42. It has given us total peace mind."

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