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Data loss protection in higher education

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Christopher Lowre at Brandeis University

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Brandeis University investigates data loss incidents with Code42

Brandeis University is a private research university based in Boston Massachusetts, who selected Code42 as part of a Data Loss Prevention project.

Industry: Higher Education
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Global Reach: United States
Employees: 1,525

Prior to deploying Code42, Brandeis University did not have a solution to collect endpoint data, resulting in an absolute mess according to Christopher Lowre, associate director of endpoint system management at Brandeis University.

Critical needs

  • Data encryptions
  • Protect PII on lost and stolen devices
  • Ability to recover from data loss

When Brandeis University started rolling out Code42, the majority of users were very excited to embrace the new solution, but there were some faculty members who were a little apprehensive. Once Lowre showed them the value of Code42, explaining that all of their data could be protected, they were very happy to have the product.

Lost or stolen device remediation
Code42's Next-Gen Data Loss Protection solution continuously collects all files on the endpoint. In the event that a device is ever lost or stolen, this allows customers like Brandeis University, to quickly restore all of the data that was lost or stolen, to a new machine. After recovering all files on the endpoint, the next step in the data loss investigation is to verify if any PII existed on the machine, followed by confirming that the data was encrypted by Code42. By following this investigation and response process in the event of lost or stolen devices, Brandeis University is able to avoid expensive disclosure events.

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