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Integrate Your Tech Stack

We know that accelerating your time to value means that it’s critical your technology ecosystem works together. Code42 Incydr™ Ecosystem is here to help you reduce risk while keeping simplicity and speed at the forefront.

Code42 Incydr™ Advanced now integrates with CyberArk to provide a solution for managing Insider Risk caused by users with privileged access. With this integration, you can now:

  • Simplify processes that rely on disparate systems and multiple teams
  • Accelerate response times
  • Reduce manual, repetitive or error prone tasks
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Visualize data risk events to surface insider threats

Code42 Incydr integrates with Rapid7 InsightIDR to allow security teams to visualize Incydr data within custom dashboards in InsightIDR. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Faster response to insider threats
  • Investigate insider risk in one click
  • Strengthen compliance and file integrity monitoring (FIM)
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Leverage user identity to optimize right-sized response

Code42 Incydr integrates with Okta to automate access controls, and speed investigations to insider risk incidents involving departing employees or high-risk users. This direct integration allows security teams to programmatically monitor users with increased risk factors, such as departing and contract employees.

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Integrate security alerts with your SIEM

The Code42 command-line interface (CLI) provides you with the ability to ingest alerts into the SIEM or SOAR tool of your choice. SplunkLogRhythm and Sumo Logic are popular SIEMs among our customers, many of which utilize the CLI tool to easily and programmatically integrate Code42’s data with their SIEM.

If you’re interested in leveraging the CLI tool, visit our our technical documentation to get started.

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Enhance your cloud risk detection

The use of cloud collaboration platforms to share data is required for business continuity and fuels innovative companies. Security teams who do not have the ability to detect and respond when cloud data movement turns from collaboration to risk are left having an Insider Risk problem unsolved. Connect Incydr with your corporate sanctioned cloud applications – BoxGmailGoogle DriveOffice 365 or OneDrive – to increase your cloud risk detection sources.

For a complete list of cloud application integrations available by product plan, visit our support site.

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Developer Portal

Develop your own REST-based application leveraging the Code42 API for automation and scripting. Visit the newly launched Developer Portal for technical resources to get you started.

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