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Incydr™ Advanced

Thank you for being a Code42 customer. This page is your go-to resource for the latest information about Incydr Advanced, along with relevant resources to help you make the most of your deployment.

New Comprehensive Risk Prioritization Model

Incydr introduces a new numeric scoring framework to identify and prioritize Insider Risk. Based on over 60 individual risk indicators, Incydr highlights the file activity and user behaviors that create the greatest file exfiltration and exposure risk, helping you quickly identify and respond to the most critical risks to your data.

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Feature Release Highlights

New Identity Management Administrator Role

A new Identity Management Administrator role grants permissions to perform identity management tasks in the Code42 console but does not grant permissions to access other sensitive data in Incydr.

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API clients

API clients authenticate access to APIs listed in the Code42 Developer Portal. API clients provide a more secure way to authenticate API interaction than usernames and passwords.

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Better visibility into license usage

The Code42 console now includes a new License Plan screen to highlight license usage statistics throughout your Code42 environment.

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Exfiltration detection of exported Salesforce reports

A new data connection for Salesforce helps secure vital sales, marketing, and customer engagement information by monitoring your Salesforce environment for exported reports.

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Apply trust to specific URL paths

Incydr’s Trusted activity settings now support specific URL paths, in addition to entire domains. This enables you to only trust a specific portion of a domain.

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Apply trust to specific Slack workspaces

Incydr’s Trusted activity settings now enable you to add Slack workspaces, in addition to domains. Trusting a Slack workspace prevents file activity there from appearing in security event dashboards, user profiles, and alerts. This helps focus your investigations on higher risk file activity.

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Announcing Code42 Instructor

Our new product, Code42 Instructor, provides bite-sized employee education that security teams can share with specific users or groups to reduce insider risk. Lessons include proactive, situational, and responsive education content.

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Cloud storage and email service data connectors now available for Incydr Gov

Incydr Gov adds cloud storage and email service data connectors to give a comprehensive, holistic view of insider risk in your organization. Now, government agencies and their partners have a FedRAMP-approved, end-to-end solution that detects risky file activity anywhere it occurs.

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Technical Tip

Did you know you can implement trusted domains within Code42 Incydr to get better risk signal?

Using trusted domains preferences in Incydr, you can filter out the noise of harmless activity to better surface personal and untrusted file events. Trusted activity is still monitored should you need to review it, but it won’t trigger unnecessary alerts. or show in dashboards.

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