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Best Practices and Use Cases

Whether your learning style is to hear from a peer, participate in instructor-led courses and workshops, binge how-to videos or read the nitty-gritty technical details, we have you covered. Learn best practices and discover new use cases in a format that suits you. 

Hear from a peer

Your fellow Code42 customers are discovering innovative ways to use Code42 in conjunction with other security tools in their ecosystem to reduce insider risk in a variety of different scenarios. Find the latest case studies and videos here to learn from their success. We want to hear from you too, ask your Customer Success Manager about opportunities to get involved in our Customer Reference & Customer Advisory programs.

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Learn the latest best practices

If you haven’t already checked out Code42 University we recommend doing so and starting with the Code42 Foundations course. At the Code42 University virtual campus, you will find all of our on-demand training videos as well as options for instructor-led and virtual classes and interactive workshops. Most of Code42 University’s offerings are free to customers. Learn more about how to take advantage of their resources through this short video.

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Get in the weeds

With constant iterations based on the new product releases, you can be sure that will always have the latest and greatest technical documentation. So, if you prefer the nitty-gritty details, technical documentation is the resource for you.

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Detect and respond to insider threats is your one-stop-shop for how to:

  • Capture file activity
  • Review suspicious file activity
  • Respond to potential risks
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