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Welcome to your one-stop, go-to resource page with everything you need to quickly move from deployment to value. Bookmark this page. Stop back often. Expand your use of Code42’s security tools and capabilities – and elevate your data security and insider threat programs.

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Getting Started

Code42 University

Simple, efficient instruction on the fundamentals of using Code42 in your environment. Learn more →

Get Help & Support

Who to contact when you hit a roadblock. Learn more →

Customer Stories

Build on successful examples from peer organizations. Learn more →

Taking Action

Building Your Insider Threat Program

Best practices for building a comprehensive, forward-thinking insider threat program. Learn more →

Code42 Departing Employee Lens

Using the Code42 Departing Employee Lens to mitigate your biggest insider threat risks. (Platinum customers only) Learn more →

Code42 High Risk Lens

Using the Code42 High Risk Lens to pinpoint suspicious data activity. (Platinum customers only) Learn more →

Deployment timeline

What to expect as you roll out Code42 in your environment. This timeline reflects the average deployment experience. Engaged customers typically deploy within 2 weeks and spend less than 10 hours of time on the project. Of course, the exact timeline for your deployment depends on your own schedule and urgency.

Day 0

  • Introductions and scheduling via email

Day 1

  • Kickoff call covering project scope, expectations and targeted completion date

Week 1

  • Administrative, identity management and key feature setup via virtual workshops
  • Agent rollout via virtual workshop

Week 2

  • Review agent rollout status toward completion
  • Fully configure and populate features via virtual workshops
  • Consultation and best practices via virtual workshops

Week 2-3

  • Deployment wrap-up call

Want more details?

Participate in training through Code42 University

Free for all Code42 customers. Simple, efficient instruction on core topics to expand your proficiency, expertise and use cases. On-demand videos, instructor-led and virtual classes, and interactive workshops — plus role-based learning tracks. Learn more.

Where do I start?

  1. Navigating Code42 University: A short video on how to access these resources.
  2. Code42 Foundations: The virtual Foundations course covers fundamentals and hands-on learning with the Code42 App.
  3. Core Learning Path: A curriculum designed for new Code42 users.
  4. Role-Based Learning: Customized curricula built specifically for the way you will use the Code42 toolset in your role.

Get help & support

Connect with the Code42 team and access on-demand resources to keep you moving forward.

Who’s Who at Code42:
You have a whole dedicated support team ready to help. Here’s how each contact point can provide support:

Deployment Team

Professional Services Project Manager

This is the person who will manage deployment timeline, milestones and tasks. They will be your contact for project scheduling and updates. 

Professional Services Solutions Consultant

This is the person who will be your technical point of contact during the deployment process. They will deploy the product and provide tailored best practices and recommendations to help you get started.

Ongoing Success Team

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Following deployment, this is your primary point of contact for day-to-day communications and check-ins. They will keep you informed of new product functionality, facilitate subscription updates, and loop in other team members as needed.

Systems Engineer (SE)

Your customer success manager will connect you with a system engineer to demonstrate new functionality and provide technical recommendations to support your product use cases.

Professional Services

Your implementation and roll-out guides, from Initial deployment planning to establish time-to-value milestones with deployment goals, to configuration and management questions and issues.

Technical Support Engineer

Our in-house support team is based out of our US and UK offices. You can contact them via web and phone for fast and knowledgeable product support.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

This person is available as an optional, paid service. They serve as a point of contact for technical guidance and escalations
Security Success Team.

Not sure who to contact? Reach out to

Helpful resources:

Access support articles and videos at
Reach out to support via
Stay up to date with the latest release notes

See how peer organizations are using Code42 to fight insider threat and protect their data

Best practices for building your insider threat program

Resources for building and enhancing your insider threat program.

Establish a secure employee offboarding process

Training and documentation resources that help you focus on your biggest insider threat: employees leaving your organization. (Platinum customers only)

Monitor, detect and investigate faster when data is at risk

Training and documentation resources to equip you and your team to pinpoint suspicious data activity among high risk employees, including flight risks, contractors and poor performers. (Platinum customers only)