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Sporting Goods

Deployment Strategy

Private Cloud

Why CrashPlan

Secure, complete, easy to administer

What They Love

Guaranteed backups disarm ransom demands


When TaylorMade’s help desk began getting call after call from panicked users about a suspicious link, they figured they had a few rough weeks ahead. An email attachment masquerading as an internal expense report contained ransomware that locked up users’ endpoint files and demanded a hefty ransom. “By the time we started getting the calls, more than 20 users had already taken the bait,” said TaylorMade Desktop Systems Supervisor Dennis Magbata.

Critical Needs

  • Coverage for Windows & Mac devices
  • Streamlined restores
  • Better IT visibility
  • Easy IT administration
  • Automatic, continuous backup


  • Guaranteed data integrity mitigates risk of cyber threats
  • Faster restores reduce IT time & costs
  • Remote capabilities empower mobile sales force
  • Beyond backup: streamlined tech refresh & data migration; simplified legal hold