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Product plans, customer files, employee records…
Are they leaving your corporate Google Workspace?

Receive an Ember Temperature Control Mug when you meet with us to see how Code42 Incydr™ can secure your company’s Google Workspace data.

Even Okta chose Incydr to improve control over employee file sharing via corporate cloud and email systems, and gained the capabilities to monitor data exfiltration—including publicly-shared files that shouldn’t be shared.

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Code42 Incydr

Protect your Google Workspace data without inhibiting collaboration


Detect data exfiltration from your trusted cloud ecosystem to personal cloud applications


Identify any potential risk and review the actual content of exfiltrated files


Automatically send trainings to correct mistakes, revoke sharing permissions & block unacceptable risk

Ever wonder if Google Drive data was moved to personal devices?

Code42 Incydr – the only endpoint and API detection solution for Google Workspace – can tell you just that.

  • See whether documents are downloaded to personal or corporate devices via Google Drive
  • Automatically send responsive micro-lessons triggered by user activity (like this Google Drive video)
  • Improve user security behaviors and reduce Insider Risk
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Over the past 4 months of leveraging Instructor micro-trainings like this one, customers have seen a 13% reduction in overall Google sharing events and a 36% reduction in low and moderate activity overall.

Protect your business data across your cloud-first, collaborative workforce

Incydr makes it easy to secure your company’s critical data, such as:

  • Customer databases
  • Source code
  • Product roadmaps
  • Pre-launch product specs

With automated, contextual file protection, Incydr helps you respond to both malicious activity and honest mistakes in a fast and scalable way.

That’s why Okta chose us to secure their data and prevent data leaks from cloud sharing.

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Ready to stop proprietary company files from leaving the business?

Let us show you how Incydr can work in your environment! Book a meeting with us and enjoy hot beverages all day in your new Ember Temperature Control Mug.

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