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Incydr™ Proof of Value

A 30-day experience to see how Incydr will protect your data from theft, loss or leak.

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What is a Proof of Value with Incydr?

The Incydr Proof of Value (POV) takes the traditional Proof of Concept up a notch. This 4-week product experience will not only demonstrate the visibility, context and controls of Incydr’s functionality, but also validate how use of Incydr will stop data leak and IP theft without disrupting employee collaboration.

Get a custom report with recommendations on where and how your organization can reduce data exposure in: 
  • Corporate data leak
  • Security policy compliance
  • Cultural risk awareness
  • Insider Risk cases
  • Shadow IT use
  • 3rd party risk
Day 0Get Started– POV Experience Overview
– Receive a POV Guide to walk you through the experience
– Deploy agents to test machines
Week 1Test & Configure– Deep-dive of Incydr detection, investigation & response capabilities
– Begin silent rollout
– Perform configurations, including trusted domains and alert rules
Week 2Review Use Cases– Complete silent rollout
– Operationalize Risk Detection
– Lenses & Cases
Week 3Workflows & Processes– Review risk detection findings
Week 4Insider Risk Posture Review– Code42 presents Insider Risk Posture report
– Review POV success criteria and next steps

What other companies are saying about Incydr

“Code42 is the only solution we have found that gives us the visibility we need to understand where data is moving, while still letting our team work how — and where — they need to.”

Dustin Fritz, Senior Security Architect at UserTesting

UserTesting logo.

“Once deployed, this is an immediate data loss detection solution. I would not need someone to keep the rules up-to-date. The dashboard is simple and anyone can identify where to review without much training.”

Tim Briggs, Director of Incident Response at CrowdStrike

“When we looked at solutions like the more traditional DLP or the CASBs, it seemed like they work under very limited conditions. But, the minute you put them out in the real world, they just break down. Without hesitation, Incydr… is central to our security program.”

Mario Duarte, VP of Security at Snowflake

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