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Customer Stories

Video: Snowflake’s Approach to Insider Risk Management

When the security team at Snowflake set out to develop an Insider Risk Management program, securing and maintaining their collaborative and fast-paced culture was a high priority. They quickly realized traditional data security tools like DLP and CASB were not going to meet their needs. Snowflake’s VP of Security, Mario Duarte, explains how they approached Insider Risk Management and how Code42 Incydr™ is an integral part of the program.

“It’s too hard to predict, to anticipate, what’s good and what’s bad if you rely on blocking. What ends up happening eventually is you start running exceptions over and over – employees will reach out to you and say, ‘I need to do this to do my business, to do what the company is asking me to do.’ And so now you have an exception. You have an Exception One, and Exception Two. Sooner or later you have Swiss cheese.”

Hear more from Mario in the video and read the full Snowflake case study here.

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