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The Incydr Architecture Then, Now, & Next: Our New Data Storage Fabric

As part of our commitment to security, availability, and resiliency we are advancing our infrastructure strategy through new AWS investments. Read on for the why, how and when, and to learn about these upcoming improvements.

When we first developed Incydr, we knew we needed to build with performance and scale in mind. The infrastructure backing Incydr had to be future-proof. Our Insider Risk Management category was founded because legacy tech like Data Loss Prevention couldn’t keep pace with the severity of data leakage in light of collaborative tech, consumer apps, and Remote and Hybrid workplaces. Modern problems can only be solved with modern technology.

From the start, we knew Incydr would have to be:

  1. Born in the cloud, for the cloud era – for scale, speed and transparency
  2. Made to dive deep, fast – to give security pros forensic capabilities and metadata
  3. Ready-made for the enterprise market and the federal market with security front of mind

This year, we made significant investments in the technology and infrastructure that power our Incydr product, continuing to deliver on the three tenets above. These advancements enabled us to deliver more and faster for our customers. In 2021, we’ve delivered over 20,000 production releases, including groundbreaking new technologies like our Risk Prioritization Model to clearly tell security teams what needs their attention, Inferred Trust which unlocks Incydr’s ability to detect file downloads to unmonitored devices, and the Exfiltration Detector for Salesforce to protect customer data from leak and theft.

And now, we’re tackling the next opportunity: Stronger Data Storage Resiliency

Incydr is uniquely positioned to give access to exfiltrated files. Across our customer base, Incydr has detected millions of data exposure events in this past quarter alone. And with the Great Resignation increasing employee turnover and therefore data exfiltration, this number won’t be declining. As the demand for our storage of exfiltrated files grows, we desire to innovate in this area to deliver the best, future-proof experience for our customers.

We’re excited to announce that we’re doubling down on the AWS investment we’ve already made, and advancing our infrastructure strategy through a new AWS storage fabric. Among its benefits, customers can expect more resiliency, better availability, more available bandwidth, and less memory usage on endpoints. This new data storage fabric will better position our customers to tackle the growing Insider Risk problem both now and in the future, at scale.

So, when is this all happening?

These infrastructure advancements for the Incydr customer base will happen over the course of several months – kicking off in December and continuing through Q1 2022. And while the majority of these architectural changes will happen in the background, you may notice a couple of impacts. There will be no action needed for the majority of customers, but minor configuration updates may be needed for some customers. Rest assured we’ll send specific instructions on how to do so when the time comes.

We’re thrilled for these changes and the way they allow us to anticipate our customer needs as they address the daunting challenge that is data leak and theft — whether accidental, malicious, or negligent.

As always, thanks for being a customer.

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