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Setting Up a Security Awareness Program for Success

In our new work-from-home world, the role that employees play as a first line of defense against potential breaches and hacks has never been more important. Employees have become an essential part of effective security postures. 

That’s why some of the recent stats on the overall lack of attention given to employee security awareness training is so concerning. According to a survey that Kaspersky did of 6,000 workers from around the world, 73% confirmed they have had no cyber security awareness training from their employers while working remotely during the pandemic. 

In an environment where phishing scams alone have jumped 350% since the Covid-19 outbreak,  security awareness is something that needs to be taken seriously. Code42’s Manager of Security Awareness Chrysa Freeman shared what she has learned about building our awareness program in a blog  published by the Cyber Security Summit. In the blog — Hallmarks of a Visionary Security Awareness Leader — she outlines four ways security leaders can improve their training programs.

Blog excerpt: 

“For your vision to come to life, you need everyone in the company to be on board with it and keep it top of mind as they go about their day.  In security awareness, you already have a clear vision: influence employees to adopt behaviors that help minimize risks at your organization. The key is getting your message through to folks and getting it to stick. You can do this using repeatable, relatable and doable messages.”

You can read the rest of the blog published by Cyber Security Summit, here: Hallmarks of a Visionary Security Awareness Leader.

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