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Meet Incydr: The Remedy for Growing Insider Risk

This year has irreversibly changed the way we work. Organizations have sanctioned new technologies to facilitate remote employee collaboration. But this “collaboration culture” started long before everything changed in 2020, and it will remain the norm from now on.

The brutal truth: so will insider risk. As companies and their employees become more innovative, collaborative and fast-moving, the more likely data will be exposed or exfiltrated. Files are more portable than ever before. Humans make mistakes. And let’s face it — technology does too. 

Products like DLP, CASB and UEBA just weren’t designed for the challenges we’re up against. They focus on a single dimension of risk — monitoring only when a specific vector is used or an activity impacts regulated data. But what about your IP and other strategic files? Your customer lists, source code, business strategies and the like. There’s not enough being done to secure the files that are casually moved and shared every day and yet — represent the bulk of your corporate value and competitive advantage. 

Introducing Code42 Incydr™ data risk detection and response for insider threat

There are both art and science to mitigating insider risk. Over rotate on the risk and you’ll become “big brother” or bring productivity to a halt. What you need is a way to differentiate between harmless and harmful activity, with the right context, so you can identify the risks that truly matter. And you need a way to quickly investigate those risks to make an informed decision on the appropriate way to respond. That’s where Incydr comes in.

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product designed to mitigate the risk of insider threat with simplicity, signal and speed. It correlates rich context across three dimensions – files, vectors and users – to speed insider threat response. Incydr uses this context to differentiate between trusted and untrusted file activity, allowing you to detect concerning exfiltration through Dropbox, iCloud, USB, browser uploads, Slack, AirDrop and more. 

It shows you what actually warrants deeper investigation. Incydr has case management functionality so you can efficiently compile, document and disseminate pertinent investigation details and take a right-sized response — whether that be automated action, corrective conversation, additional training or litigation.

Incydr helps you protect data when it is most vulnerable to threats, such as during employee offboarding or remote work. It gives you insight into how files are being handled company-wide so you can fix gaps in security awareness, uncover shadow IT, and validate the efficacy of other security tools. And it integrates with a growing ecosystem of technologies so can get the best from your current and evolving tech stack. 

Incydr’s three-dimensional approach to risk is methodical and dynamic. It surfaces what matters. And once risk is detected, it guides practitioners through the delicate art that is insider threat investigation and response.

Incydr is available for purchase today, and deploys in as little as 48 hours so you can quickly make a positive impact on your organization’s insider risk posture. Reach out to see a demo or give it a try.

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