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Day In the Life of a Code42 Field CISO

Shallow depth of field side view of a home office with a laptop, steaming coffee, and eyeglasses.

6:30 am – Coffee and Catching Up with Cybersecurity News 

My day begins with a cup of black coffee and a quick scan of the latest cybersecurity news. Staying on top of current trends and threats is crucial in my role as a Field CISO at Code42. Our clients rely on us to provide timely, relevant advice, and I need to be one step ahead. After I get caught up with the news, I leave my home office to drive my kids to school and walk the dogs before I settle into work for the rest of the day.  

Pro tip: Start your day with a reliable cybersecurity news source like SC Media, Dark Reading, or The CyberWire. I especially enjoy reading the cybersecurity insights of reporter Christopher Burgess.  

9:00 am – Morning Team Sync

As I get my work day started, I join a virtual sync with my Code42 team. We discuss ongoing projects, recent client interactions, and any emerging issues. This daily meeting is vital for ensuring we’re all aligned and can swiftly address any challenges our clients might be facing; having a strong multidisciplinary team is essential for our success.  


  • Review client updates and project statuses
  • Identify any urgent issues that need immediate attention
  • Ensure clear communication on team priorities, deliverables, and expectations 

10:00 am – Client Advisory Session

Top on my agenda is a call with the CISO of a large financial institution. They’ve been grappling with insider threat management, and today, we’re diving deep into how Code42 can help. I provide strategic guidance on integrating our data protection products into their existing security framework, emphasizing the importance of operationalizing these solutions to align with their business objectives.  

11:00 am – Strategy Development

Next, I spend some time developing a customized security awareness training strategy for a healthcare client. This involves reviewing their current security posture, identifying gaps, and recommending solutions that can enhance their data loss prevention efforts. This strategic planning is a critical part of my role, ensuring that our clients can effectively protect their sensitive information.  


  • Conduct a thorough review of the client’s existing security measures 
  • Identify key vulnerabilities and potential threats
  • Develop a strategic plan that integrates and automates Code42’s solutions with their existing tech stack to address these issues

12:00 pm – Lunch and Learn

I host a virtual “Lunch and Learn” session for a group of client CISOs and security leaders. Today’s topic is the latest trends in insider threat detection and response. These sessions are a fantastic way to build relationships and share knowledge to strengthen the cybersecurity space as a whole.  

Pro tip: Make these sessions interactive. Encourage questions and discussions to make the learning experience more engaging and valuable for attendees. (Pack your lunch the night before so you remember to eat, too).

1:00 pm – Onboarding New Customer

I dedicate some time to onboarding a new customer. This involves guiding them through the initial setup of our solutions, ensuring they understand Incydr’s key functionalities, and helping them integrate our products into their existing security infrastructure. Afterward, I walk the dogs and respond to a few Slack messages.  


  • Provide a clear, step-by-step onboarding guide and share other customer case studies to build confidence
  • Schedule regular check-ins during the initial phase to address any questions  
  • Ensure the customer’s team is comfortable using the product in alignment with their unique culture, people, and processes.  

2:00 pm – Writing and Planning for a Podcast

I spend the rest of the afternoon writing and preparing for an upcoming cybersecurity podcast. This includes researching the planned topics we’ll cover and thinking through my insights. Participating in new knowledge-sharing opportunities is always really rewarding – whether it’s a panel, podcast, or webinar. 

Pro tip: Public speaking can be daunting. Build your confidence by practicing your key messages and anticipating potential questions. Being well-prepared helps you beat the nerves and speak with authority.  

3:30 pm – Crisis Management

An urgent call comes in from a client experiencing a potential data breach. I shift into crisis management mode. This is where my former operational experience as an Intelligence Officer for the Department of Defense comes into play, providing calm, expert guidance during high-pressure situations.  

Pro tip: Have a clear incident response plan ready. Quick, decisive action can significantly mitigate the impact of a breach. Ensure clients have robust incident response plans and are trained to execute them.  

5:00 pm – Executive briefing 

I wrap up my day with an executive briefing for a client. We review the progress of their security initiatives, discuss upcoming regulatory changes, and plan future steps to enhance their security posture. Building and maintaining strong relationships with client executives is a cornerstone of my role, as it allows us to dive deeper into issues and stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.  

Pro tip: Tailor your communication to your audience. Executives appreciate clear, concise updates that link security initiatives to business outcomes. Bookmark your favorite templates, communication scripts, and best practices for easy reference and follow-up emails.

5:30 pm – Clocking Out

Though I’m always on call, once I leave the office, I switch to mom mode. On our way home from school pick-up, the kids don’t ask about the crisis of the day, the customized customer success roadmap, or the horrible security jokes I shared during the Lunch and Learn. All they want to know is “What’s for dinner?” – and unlike some parts of my day, this one is easy to answer as we pull into Chick-fil-A drive-through.  

Being a Field CISO at Code42 is about more than just understanding technology; it’s about being a trusted advisor, a strategic thinker, and a proactive leader. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a tangible difference in the security landscape of our clients – and that’s what makes this role so fulfilling.  

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