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Code42 + Splunk: A Panoramic View of the Insider Threat Landscape

When managing Insider Risk, there are unique data security challenges that must be addressed. These challenges lie in the fact that the insider threat may hide in plain sight. For example, insiders don’t need to break in to gain access to the location with high-sensitivity files — they already have it. Besides, employees access and share hundreds of files for legitimate business purposes every day. This means it is very difficult for security teams to tune out the noise of collaboration to detect illicit actions. Many organizations have tried to solve this problem using policy-based data protection technologies like DLP and CASB, but these solutions were not built to manage Insider Risk.

This outdated approach leaves analysts spending hours chasing false positives to weed out which type of activity truly poses a risk. In fact, ⅔ of IT security leaders say they don’t know which Insider Risk to prioritize. Security leaders need technology that helps cut through the noise to signal and helps them focus on what matters the most.

Insider Risk Management graphic focusing on Prioritization.

With this in mind, we have built Incydr and an ecosystem of integrations differently than the way that policy-based tools have established. This new approach is called Insider Risk Management (IRM).

Code42 + Splunk: not just another SIEM integration

Incydr helps security teams focus on real risk by tuning out the 97.6% of noise created by employee collaboration. By its very nature, an IRM approach protects data differently – it won’t bury analysts in alerts that lack context or prioritization, so the role a SIEM will play is very different from how SIEMs are largely used today.

“As a consequence of doing this annual assessment, we’ve continually found that Insider Risk is our top concern. And that’s why we’re investing heavily into Code42 Incydr.”

– Aaron Momin, CSO at FinancialForce

Incydr offers a context-driven approach to prioritizing risk based on file, vector and user Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs). Incydr filters out trusted data movement from alerts and prioritizes Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs) based on their predefined severity. With insider risk indicators, alerts and events are now dynamically scored, providing a full picture of data security leaders care about. You’ll see users and activities that need your attention on day one without having to configure anything. Since Incydr is transparent about prioritizing risk, you can adapt the model to fit your own risk tolerance where necessary.

Through an ongoing partnership, Code42 and Splunk deliver transparency and control the security practitioners deserve. Code42 and Splunk help organizations provide increased context and deepen the insider risk investigation by applying advanced risk prioritization methods and dynamic alerts. Additionally, having access to an extended audit log retention makes it much easier for analysts to keep their organization compliant with any industry rules and regulations. Discover other SIEM partners that Code42 Incydr integrates with here.

The New Code42 Insider Threat app for Splunk highlights

The Code42 Insider Threat app for Splunk is an Insider Risk Management analytics and reporting solution that makes it easy to surface, visualize and triage data leak alerts. It leverages Incydr’s context-driven, pragmatic and adaptable risk prioritization model to speed up the time to resolve and report the Insider Risk events that matter most.

The Code42 Insider Threat app for Splunk is powered by Code42 Incydr’s risk prioritization model. It ingests files, exfiltration destination and user risk indicators to surface critical risk.

Incydr sends prioritized alerts, audit log, file exposure and device health information to Splunk, where it is visualized and can be triaged.

Code42 Incydr and Splunk integration workflow graphic.

The Splunk app contains exposure dashboards that provide a quick view of what’s happening in Incydr, like detected high-risk employees, insider risk cases, removable media transfers, cloud file shares, cloud desktop syncs, browser and app reads.

See for yourself

Remote work and the need for cloud collaboration have made it increasingly challenging for organizations to maintain a company-wide view of where their data is leaking. With Code42, security professionals can protect corporate data and reduce insider risk while fostering an open and collaborative culture for employees. And by taking a right-sized response approach to the severity-based alerts you can speed up the time to respond, as well as mitigate future data exposure by building a more risk-aware culture.

With intelligence from Incydr and guidance from Code42 Insider Risk Advisory services, your organization will gain a baseline of what user behavior and data movement are normal or abnormal in its environment. This foundation makes it easy to leverage key Incydr features and integrations to customize an IRM solution for your organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Code42’s insider risk solution can be configured for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory frameworks.

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