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Code42 Instructor™ Leverages Teams to Send Micro-Trainings

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Employees put files at risk every day – whether intentionally or unintentionally. While some of this risky activity is accidental, some is deliberate. Many employees ignore their company’s security protocols out of convenience. Others think they won’t face consequences and thus don’t need to prioritize security. No matter why they do it, company data is being put at risk. In these instances, user education works best to correct the mistakes. Automating this correction also reduces the workload of security analysts.

Correct user behavior and reduce Insider Risk

When training employees on how to handle data, trainings should provide specific guidance and hold employees accountable, while also empowering them to make better decisions in the future. Code42 Instructor helps prevent insider-driven data loss by educating employees on what they did wrong in real time. By providing a “nudge” when an employee makes a mistake, organizations can change user behavior and improve their Insider Risk posture over time, without adding work for security analysts.

Deliver Instructor videos via Microsoft Teams to drive secure work habits and reduce alerts

When using Instructor in tandem with Code42 Incydr™, analysts can automatically send Instructor responsive lessons in response to an activity via Microsoft Teams (or email or Slack). When the lesson is sent the alert is automatically closed. This way, analysts can spend less time on low-risk events and more time and energy on higher severity or malicious threats. 

See how Incydr automatically sends Instructor responsive lessons to users and educate them on their security mistakes:

Contact sales to learn more about how Instructor can reduce risk and change user behavior.

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