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Code42 Helps Accelerate the Alert Data Pipeline for Ping Identity Through Enhanced Detection & Response (Video)

At Ping Identity, our whole business is built around security. Our unified platform provides intelligent access for customers, employees and partners so they can securely connect to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications and APIs. With more than 2 billion identities under management, data security is critical to our mission. 

Data security comprises three critical areas: detection, protection and response. And no one solution can focus on all areas. Just like there’s no one tool you’d use to work on a car, different tools focus on different areas of security. Using them together enables a security team to deliver the greatest protection for their company. 

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection is one of the solutions that Ping uses to help detect and respond to data threats. Code42 has always been a data organization. Now with their next-gen solution, they’re evolving into a tool that handles a wide level of alerting, no matter where data lives and moves. At Ping, like many other companies, our data lives in many places: endpoints, cell phones, servers and cloud applications. Data is always moving, and detecting its movement as it exits the organization is critical. 

I would argue that the biggest challenge for security professionals today is managing a collection of disparate security tools along with the sheer volume of alerts that they drive.  While coordinating all these tools is a challenge, it would be impossible to secure an organization without them. This is why it is critical to bring alert data onto a central plane, where it can be seen by all security professionals and business partners in a singular manner. 

To achieve this at Ping Identity, I built an alert data pipeline. This highly scalable pipeline enables us to act quickly by routing the alerts directly to the individual accountable for responding. For example, in a situation where a departing employee moves data onto a USB, an alert would be automatically sent to Human Resources. Code42 is one of the security tools that fits into our alert data pipeline solution. It provides visibility to potentially risky data movement and accelerates our detection and response. 

For Ping, adding Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection to our security toolkit has been critical in helping us achieve our mission — to keep our customers’ data safe.

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