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A Day in the Life with Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner Abby Fisher

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” blog series. Each month, we’ll interview one of our team members to learn about their experiences at Code42 to give you an inside look into different roles within our company.

Introducing Abby Fisher, Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner at Code42. Primary responsibilities include managing full life-cycle recruitment and overseeing the Summer Internship program. For fun and relaxation, Abby enjoys running, visiting State Parks and spending time with family and friends. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Code42?

I most enjoy the sense of community at Code42. The investment my direct team and cross-functional partners put into building trusted relationships has allowed me to feel valued from day one. What I really appreciate is that the strength of the community comes from our commitment to recognizing each other’s unique strengths while also creating space to challenge one another.

What excites you most about your work?

The relationship-building piece, that’s really what is at the heart of recruitment. With candidates, I love understanding their story – Why are they open to a new role? What type of leadership do they thrive under? What accomplishment are they most proud of? – and helping them see how we can support them in writing that next chapter.

Tell us about your favorite memory at Code42?

MKO 2021. It was our first in-person all-company event since the pandemic started and there was such a special energy amongst us. Everyone was so thankful to be around people again. As someone who joined Code42 during the pandemic, it was also my first time meeting most of my colleagues. It was such a joy to be able to connect with managers I’d been working with for months and be able to meet many of the folks I hired. 

How has Code42 enabled you to maintain a sense of connection, while working from home? 

Having joined Code42 in the middle of the pandemic, I was surprised by how easy it’s been to get to know my fellow Guardians. The variety of Slack channels has played a huge role. For example, I’m in a channel with fellow runners. It’s been a great place to share advice, celebrate successful runs, and support each other on race day. Most of these people I’d never organically meet in my day-to-day job, but now I feel like we share such a strong bond. 

What personal goals do you have that Code42 can help you achieve?

Some of my goals outside of work center around long-distance running. I love that if I’m in the thick of a marathon training cycle, I can get a few miles in over lunch and flex my day as needed. I love that being successful at my job doesn’t mean sacrificing other things that keep my bucket full. 

What have you learned recently?

Over the last few months, I’ve been heading into the office once or twice a week and I’ve learned how much I enjoy a change of scenery. As a homebody at heart, I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve missed the hum of an office and the simple “hello” in the hallway.

What do you look for when recruiting applicants for Code42?

No matter the specific role, I look for someone who is intrinsically motivated and will bring a unique, innovative perspective to the team. Candidates who thrive at Code42 are able to keep up with our fast-pace, so I look for individuals who are able to adapt quickly, naturally collaborate, and leverage resources effectively.

How can someone stand out in an interview?

It seems basic, but I appreciate it when a candidate provides a clear and compelling explanation as to why this particular role, and Code42 in general, are of interest to them. I love when a candidate demonstrates excitement around our product or describes their desire to find a place where they can truly make an impact. It really stands out to me when a candidate shares a specific value of ours that resonates with them or talks about how meaningful it is to see women in leadership. It’s these types of conversations that tell me a candidate has put time and thought into applying.

What are some of the best questions you have been asked by applicants?

Questions from candidates are so valuable – it’s an opportunity to learn about what’s most important to them and serves as a way for us to stay tuned into trends in the market. For example, one of my areas of focus is our summer internship program. Working with junior talent, I’ve received really thoughtful questions around the type of mentorship and support Code42 offers. This population has also demonstrated a desire to learn about our internal community and ways to get involved with affinity groups. These candidates have had their college experience greatly impacted by Covid and it’s clear in the types of questions they ask that they crave connectedness and a sense of belonging.

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