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A Day In the Life With Channel Account Manager Sara Monaco

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” blog series. Each week, we’ll interview one of our team members to learn about their experiences at Code42 to give you an inside look into different roles within our company.

Sara Monaco headshot

Introducing Sara Monaco, a positive, collaborative, and goal-oriented Channel Account Manager at Code42 who identifies and develops strategic security partners, delivers ongoing training and enablement and acts as the main point of contact between multiple departments. When she’s not working, Sara enjoys traveling, experiencing new cultures and cuisines, and learning new languages. Fun Fact: Sara has visited 40 states and 4 continents thus far.

What do you enjoy most about working at Code42?

The culture at Code42 makes working here a great experience. The fact that everyone across myriad departments/teams, including executive management, is committed to success and willing to help is a rare but valued aspect of this company.

What excites you most about your work?

Code42 is a 100% channel company and Faraz Siraj, VP of Channel, created a fantastic program that really focuses on what is important to our partners. When I speak with resellers, we are received well and have been able to gain traction even as we evangelize Insider Risk Management (IRM), which is a new space in the cybersecurity industry. Being part of a team that is directly contributing to the company’s success and building something new is very exciting and rewarding!

How has Code42 enabled you to maintain a sense of connection while working from home?

As someone who has been a remote employee traveling almost every week (apart from the pandemic) since 2013, I appreciate that Code42 has various avenues available to feel connected. Joe Payne, CEO, holds a monthly company meeting where he is very transparent with employees. I participate in the Donut program, so I meet someone new at the company every month and there are many affinity groups, which I expect to grow to the next level with our new DEIB Manager, Sophia Dozier – these are just a few examples!

What personal goals do you have that Code42 can help you achieve?

Two personal goals Code42 is helping me to achieve are to continue to grow and learn in my career as a channel person and to volunteer more. I have been able to gain exposure to various departments and work on several different projects within the company. Also, we are given two Volunteer Time Off (VTO) days a year and are encouraged to use them.

Why do you believe in the Code42 brand?

I believe in the Code42 brand because it is difficult to switch directions after being very successful in backup/recovery for decades, but then realize the industry is changing and also see that there is a gap in security. This foresight and analytical approach to ensure the company remains a leader is rare. Our core values are also lived every day, in particular, “presume positive intent” and this aligns with my personal views.

Tell us the most talked-about challenge when it comes to Insider Risk and the solution it delivers.

The challenge I hear the most is security teams’ lack of visibility into their organization’s data movements and knowing exactly what information a departing employee takes with them, especially with the Great Resignation. Our ability to show the exact file in question is possible with the Code42 Incydr™ product.