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A Day In the Life With Account Executive Christine Rafati

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” blog series. Each month, we’ll interview one of our team members to learn about their experiences at Code42 to give you an inside look into different roles within our company.

A family photo of Christine Rafati

Introducing Christine Rafati, Account Executive, Strategic at Code42. Tenacity, creativity and drive help her to always stay positive, do it right and never sweat the small stuff.

What do you enjoy most about working at Code42?

Code42 allows me to do what I love and excel at. That is, being a top-performing rep, year-over-year, in a high-growth sales organization. I am able to work as an individual contributor and be part of a winning, successful strategic sales team. It is truly amazing!

Code42, for the past five and a half years, has been an exhilarating and rewarding professional experience. I’ve been able to leverage my 20 years of enterprise software sales experience, grow my skills and fulfill a need of lifelong learning. Working with a successful sales team that trusts and believes in me, and empowers me to leverage my own strategic approach, is every seller’s ideal environment.

On a personal level, the Code42 culture is the best I have experienced. This company values the whole employee, which manifests itself into allowing me and many others to balance what’s truly important – family, friends, health, my community, the everyday grind of managing a household, carpooling, school volunteering, my son’s sports schedules. It wasn’t easy before COVID-19 and it isn’t any easier now. Code42 allows for the perfect balance so I can manage it all.

What excites you most about your work?

Working with large, global, cutting-edge companies, which include some of the Top 10 US tech companies, on a daily basis in solving insider risk and seeing their success when using our product is super exciting! I also love being able to advocate for my customers. I enjoy taking great care of the internal teams and individuals at Code42, who have helped me be successful.

How has Code42 enabled you to maintain a sense of connection while working from home?

The key to success in a remote world is to communicate often, ask questions, come with feedback and solutions, collaborate with your teams openly, set great examples and work to strive for what’s best for the company. Code42 values have been key in helping employees maintain a sense of connection over the past couple of years – specifically, “Get it Done, Do it Right.” This helps create and maintain a sense of community purpose, which motivates each of us to be there for one another.

As a remote sales executive, who is now either on Zoom with customers or working virtually with my internal teams, I still feel very connected. I am confident in making decisions and standing by them.

What personal goals do you have that Code42 can help you achieve?

Code42 has helped me achieve so many of my personal goals, including the ability to spend time with my family more regularly, unplug and unwind when needed, help my community, travel and vacation, build a new home… and add more home projects, and continue to satisfy my shopping habits!!

I look forward to 2022! BRING IT!

An image of Christine Rafati wearing 2022 glasses.

Why do you believe in the Code42 brand?

Code42 does an incredible job in “doing what’s right” and “changing what’s wrong” in an ever-competitive, high-growth, high-demand security product landscape. Code42 is solving today’s insider risk hurdles and it’s proven to empower productivity and enable collaboration.

Tell us the most talked-about challenge when it comes to Insider Risk and the solution it delivers.

Most data security breaches are insider jobs, whether malicious or accidental. According to the 2021 Data Exposure Report, Insider Risk is unavoidable and traditional DLP and CASB solutions don’t combat today’s risk. Security leaders across the industry know they need a more nuanced strategy, rather than simply looking at good versus bad actors, and they know their teams will never actually reduce risk while living in the forced “maintenance mode” of these policy-based tools.

As everyone knows, the world has changed, and security needs to act fast and evolve to keep up. Code42 customers are using Code42 as a key driver in implementing global Insider Risk programs to mitigate risk across every insider risk security investigation, before it becomes public, before it does any damage to the company’s reputation, before IP is stolen and used for competitive moves.

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