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Shut The Damn Door.
Your Data Is Getting Out.

Stop data leak & theft caused by employees. Keep your customer lists, source code, and other intellectual property securely where it belongs – without creating extra work for security.

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Total Economic Impact™ Results

A composite organization using Incydr experienced benefits worth $2M over three years, according to Forrester TEI study.

Use Cases

The way we work has changed. So has data risk from insider threats.

Odds are you’re experiencing an insider threat right now. Here are a few of the most common times when employees put data at risk:

Departing Employees

63% of employees admit to taking data from one employer to the next. Stop your data from leaving when employees quit.

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IP Theft

Up to 20% of your annual revenue is at risk. Stop your crown jewels from being stolen.

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Remote Workforce

63% of employees use the tech they want to get their jobs done. Stop your data from going places you don’t trust.

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Code42’s Solution

See and stop data leak and theft caused by employees

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Detect data theft on day 1 via cloud and endpoint exfiltration

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Tailor your response to the offender and offense

Ally the business with security to protect IP

$$$$ just got real. Data leaks from insiders happen daily…and are growing!

Don’t let your company make headlines due to a data breach. Our customers remediate massive insider incidents before major damage is done. With Code42 Incydr, customers detected:


worth of source code exfiltrated by a departing employee.



of sales data prevented from moving to an external drive.

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We’re a proud team of visionaries looking to change the future of data security. Check out some of our recent awards and accolades.

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The average cost of an insider data leak is $15 million – making insider threat an essential data risk to solve for in 2024.

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Cover all your bases with just one SaaS solution

90% of companies use a combination of DLP, CASB, UEBA or IRM to stop data exfiltration from insiders. Consolidate your data protection tech with Code42 Incydr.

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