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Protect all data and all users.

Your workforce is mobile, so the work that drives your business is on your employees’ computers, not in the data center. These endpoints and, more importantly, the data created and stored on them are vulnerable to fire, natural disaster, vandalism, theft and carelessness. Code42’s CrashPlan backup and restore for laptops and desktops ensures all data can be recovered, even if created minutes before the loss or damage occurs.

  • Silent, Continuous Backup

    CrashPlan silently backs up every version of every file on endpoints, continuously and automatically, without user intervention.

  • User-Initiated Recovery

    Users can easily find and restore protected files by date, time or incremental version without IT support, even when away from the office.

  • Secure Mobile Access

    When disaster strikes, users can securely and immediately access their protected data via CrashPlan’s mobile apps for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire.

  • Backup Prioritization

    Customizable backup sets let users prioritize the order in which critical files are protected.

  • Easy Administration

    Through the administration console, one admin can easily keep 100,000+ users ready to recover in the event of a disaster by verifying backup health and restore testing.

  • Unlimited Versions

    Keep as many file versions as you wish. Even deleted files are retained indefinitely, ensuring you're covered no matter what happens.

  • Simple Device Replacements

    Mobile or traveling users can easily transfer any or all files to a new device in the event of damage, loss or theft.

  • Cross-Platform Restores

    Whether returning to the same OS or migrating to a new one, employees get up and running quickly and easily thanks to CrashPlan’s cross-platform restores.

  • Automatic Backup Verifications

    CrashPlan ensures every version of every file is safe and always ready to restore by automatically verifying the health of your backup archives.

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