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Switching platforms? No problem.

Technology refreshes and OS migrations introduce the potential for data loss, as well as financial and operational damages. Endpoint backup is a critical first step to prevent data loss before, during and after migration. With Code42 CrashPlan, devices are fully protected so corporate data is never at risk.

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  • Platform-Enthusiastic

    CrashPlan seamlessly ports backups and backup settings during data migrations, even when moving between platforms such as Windows to Mac.

  • Silent, Continuous Backup

    Running continuously and automatically in the background with no disruption to users, data backed up with CrashPlan is always ready for migration.

  • Simple Push Restores

    Admins can easily push data restores to end-user laptops and desktops via the Code42 administration console.

  • User-Driven Device Replacements

    An intuitive device replacement wizard allows users to migrate files from their old device to a new device without IT involvement.

  • Point-in-Time Recovery

    Versioning allows you to recover files based on date or time, or "roll back the clock" to restore a full device to a chosen point in time.

  • Maintain User Settings

    CrashPlan backs up Windows USMT files so user profile settings such as network preferences, fonts and backgrounds can be applied to the new device, vastly reducing configuration time.

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    How to Avoid Data Migration Disaster: Best Practices for Staying Ahead of Data Loss

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