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Common Scenarios

Retain control of data when implementing a formal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

Protect data on lost, stolen or rogue devices

Comply with regulations relating to data access and security

Key Features

  • Audit Trails

    Get a complete view into which data is shared and when it changes, who has access to data on which devices, and for how long.

  • Remote Wipe

    Maintain control of corporate data by remotely revoking access for a specific user or device, or for an entire plan.

  • End-to-End Data Security

    Synced/shared files are secured via AES 256-bit encryption before they leave the device, and remain encrypted during transit and at rest. Two-factor authentication is also supported.

  • Real-Time, Customizable Reporting

    No more waiting for reports to run; get statistics or live data status as it happens—rolled up for the entire enterprise—or easily drill down to individual users and devices. Use SharePlan’s REST API to develop additional customized reports.

  • Tight Integration with Endpoint Backup

    Use SharePlan in conjunction with our award-winning CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup for the ultimate in data loss prevention.