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Sync and Share Simplified

Spend more time living up to your job description and less time stumbling through product training sessions or user manuals for legacy IT applications.

In-Place Sync & Share

Leave your files in-place and just keep working on either Mac or Windows. No need to copy or drag-and-drop your files into a special folder in order for sync to occur. SharePlan intelligently tracks your files in real-time, from their existing location—wherever you decide to put them.

Continuous Sync

Rest easy knowing your files, as well as those you share with others, are continuously synced across all devices as information evolves throughout the day, without any manual intervention required. Leverage Code42’s lightening-fast technology that syncs your files and plans so fast, it seems like magic.

Share With Anyone

Share folders and files quickly and easily with anyone you work with – inside or outside your organization. Control access to your documents with secure link sharing.

Self-Service Administration

Like the idea of never having to call for help or submit another sync-related work ticket to the IT department? Actually, so do they.

Group Creation and File Access Permissions

Quickly, easily create end-user groups and adjust file access permissions via native applications on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices or SharePlan's web-based client—no help from IT required.

Consistent Experience

SharePlan sync and share puts you in total control by creating a consistent experience across all operating systems and device types.

Truly Unlimited

Securely access and share any size file from anywhere and whenever needed, for maximum productivity. No more pesky restraints like those imposed by consumer-grade tools.

More Than Mobile

Access a file from any platform or operating system, edit content, then sync it back to other devices or plan participants. As an added bonus, the user interface remains consistent across all operating systems and devices.

Other Key Features

  • User-created and -managed plans
  • Consistent experience across mobile and web apps
  • Mac Finder and Windows Explorer integrations
  • Near-instantaneous sync across devices