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Iron-Clad Confidence

SharePlan makes it easy to manage and secure synced or shared corporate data across the enterprise—both in-transit and at rest.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Effortlessly audit long, twisting information trails and prevent sensitive information from going rogue by quickly performing remote wipe on company desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

AES 256-BIT Encryption

Secure sensitive files to prevent access by anyone except the intended recipient and any dedicated enterprise administrators.

Authentication Integrations

Easily integrate with existing enterprise directory services and authentication technologies. Plus, leverage technologies such as Active Directory and LDAP. Two-factor authentication is also supported.

Souped-up Security

As information flows between users, integrate additional security technology into the “data stream” to enforce the unique corporate data requirements of your enterprise.

Endpoint Control

Remotely retain ownership of corporate data with complete access/read/write audit trails and remote wipe capabilities.

Granular Access Policies

With centralized logging, apply defaults or change policies in real-time for any criteria, such as file size limits, file retention or access controls.

Wide-Open API

Exert complete control over the data residing on the edges of your enterprise network, in the programming language of your choice.

More Flexibility

Get unprecedented customization and configuration since SharePlan is built on the very same API as our CrashPlan™ enterprise endpoint backup solution.

Automation of the Mundane

Use SharePlan’s open API to automate administration tasks such as user onboarding and offboarding, or add “storage” to apps that lack versioning—freeing you to spend time on more important initiatives.

Enterprise Application Integration

Integrate SharePlan with other enterprise applications, such as enterprise content management (ECM). Whether pulling SharePlan data into existing applications or extracting data out of other applications and then into SharePlan—you can actually do it.

More Data Destinations

No two enterprise IT security requirements are the same, so SharePlan offers you multiple deployment four, to be exact:

Managed Private Cloud

Physically control your data using Code42’s Managed Private Cloud, which combines the public cloud’s ease-of-use with physical control of your data in a private cloud backed by 24x7 monitoring and support from Code42 Customer Champions.

Private Cloud

Install SharePlan on the hardware of your choice, in your own data center. You call the shots; we deliver a secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share solution.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud from Code42 provides the security of a private cloud with the capacity and elasticity of a public cloud. An on-premises private cloud addresses more stringent data security and performance requirements by letting you keep your data onsite and behind the firewall. A public cloud supports your global users and remote offices with on-demand convenience and infinite capacity.

Public Cloud

Coming soon: Give users secure file sync and share via trusted, offsite data center expert Code42. You can even keep the encryption keys, if you’d like. Stay informed >

Enterprise-Ready from Day 1

SharePlan is built on the Code42 engine, leveraging all the same proven, enterprise-grade administration, security and management capabilities used by CrashPlan.

Real-Time Access

Easily add, remove and integrate content—including policies, permissions and user accounts—stored on every endpoint across the enterprise.

Supercharged, Consolidated Console

Empower a single administrator to support thousands of users and manage multiple storage sets, servers and clouds.

Also Features...

  • Cross-platform support and device-enthusiastic approach
  • Fine-grained control of users and devices
  • Topology-aware network acceleration ("LAN if you can, WAN if you must")
  • High-performance, block-level data de-duplication
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