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  • Ransomware Roadmap: Where Cybercriminals will Attack Next
    According to research, 40 percent of businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the past year, and estimates place losses at over $1 billion for 2016. Learn about the past, present and future of ransomware in this white paper.
  • The Business of Ransomware: What every CXO should know
    Forty percent of businesses battled ransomware last year, and that number is increasing. Instead of fighting agile cyber criminals head on, focusing on the real problem of data loss helps you outsmart the data thieves and make a clean, quick recovery.
  • Fighting insider threat with endpoint visibility
    Eighty-nine percent of all enterprise data loss is related to insider actions. Traditional security tools are great for stopping outsiders from getting in, but they can’t protect you from the actions of your own employees.
  • Solving the data migration challenge with modern endpoint backup
    Expensive, time-consuming and prone to data loss—or complete device failure—data migration strikes dread in the hearts of IT admins everywhere. Growing enterprise data stores on laptops increase the burden and the time it takes to manage the continuous tech refresh process. Modern endpoint backup utilizes automatic, continuous backup to assure backup is always up to the minute, minimize costs, eliminate data loss and reduce the impact on IT.
  • Better together: Security and collaboration with backup and box
    Seventy-five percent of today’s enterprise workforce is mobile and two thirds of enterprise data lives outside the data center on laptops. Too often, organizations mistake electronic file sync and share as synonymous with endpoint backup, relying on end users to manually save files to online stores and leaving critical data unprotected as a result. Modern endpoint backup works alongside file sync and share to silently protect every version of every file, mitigating the growing risk of data loss to data breach, ransomware and insider threat.
  • Guide to Modern Endpoint Backup and Data Visibility
    Endpoint data backup is the foundation of an effective enterprise data security strategy. With half of enterprise data living on the endpoints, the attack surface is wide and the risk of data leakage, loss, theft and breach is great. Modern endpoint backup is the solution.