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Data Migration with Code42 CrashPlan

A simpler, faster approach to tech refresh.


Data migrations are a constant in IT. Whether triggered by hardware end-of-lease, drive failure, OS upgrades or damage, the fact is the average organization replaces 25 to 30 percent of its client devices annually. Each device refresh occupies both IT and the end user for two to three hours—leaving users without a means to accomplish their work and forcing IT staff to dedicate weeks of time before finishing a large-scale migration. And when a data migration fails, as 38 percent do, the timeline extends.

Our Strategy

Code42 offers a streamlined approach to routine data migrations. By implementing continuous, automatic backup of all end-user data, IT has assurance that data is protected before a migration begins. And, since data is stored in a private, public or hybrid cloud location, IT and users are no longer required to sit and wait as data transfers in side-by-side device migrations. A full restore to the new device can be initiated and the user can keep working while files download.

Available Today

Code42 CrashPlan drastically reduces migration timelines. All end-user data is protected before, during and after migration, IT and users can quickly oversee file restores, even across platforms, and user profile settings can be transferred alongside data to save configuration time.

Device replacement wizard enables user-driven migrations. Code42 CrashPlan includes a wizard interface that enables users to initiate their own device replacements and get back to work—with little or no IT intervention.

USMT backup for Windows eliminates re-configuration. Code42 CrashPlan backs up USMT files so user profile data—such as backgrounds, favorites, fonts and other preferences and settings—transfer to the new Windows device, saving user and IT configuration time.

Cross-platform protection makes it easy to go Mac, Windows or Linux. Code42’s cross-platform approach to data protection means backups and folder structures are seamlessly transferred when moving files from Mac to Windows machines or vice versa.

Unlimited retention and point-in-time recovery puts you in control of restores. Code42 CrashPlan lets IT set retention policies from now to forever. Files can be recovered based on date, time or version, giving IT and users the ability to restore exactly what’s needed on the new device and leave the rest in the cloud for later access.