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Executive Briefs

  • Securing & enabling the Mac-empowered enterprise
    Three decades after the height of the cold war between Apple and IBM, these former nemeses have formed a partnership emblematic of the shifting tide in enterprise IT. Macs are no longer just a niche choice for creative positions. Macs provide a seamless experience and higher productivity for an anytime-anywhere workforce. Plus, they are less expensive in the long run.
  • How to Avoid Data Migration Disaster: Best Practices for Staying Ahead of Data Loss
    While constant in IT, data migrations post serious financial and operational risks for organizations of every size. Mistakes made during migrations often lead to costly downtime, diminished end-user productivity, and the loss of important or sensitive data. These mistakes most commonly result from lack of planning or failure to utilize the right tools for a fast and painless migration process.
  • Disk Encryption + Endpoint Backup: Before You Lock it Down, Back it Up
    Full disk encryption is the ultimate data guardian on corporate endpoints. But when deployed without endpoint backup, it can also be the ultimate nightmare. Learn 8 considerations for choosing an endpoint backup solution that complements full disk encryption.
  • Top 3 Iron-Clad Reasons Why File Sync/Share is Not Endpoint Backup
    Created for different purposes and according to different priorities, sync/share and enterprise backup differ at core, fundamental levels. As a result, taking this misinformed approach to enterprise endpoint backup exposes your organization’s sensitive data and intellectual property to unnecessary risk.