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What is Modern Endpoint Backup?

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  • Certainty

    It's knowing you'll always recover from data loss—no matter the cause.

    Modern endpoint backup instills confidence that user-created data across the enterprise is always protected against loss. 

  • Mobile-friendly

    It’s built for the way workers work.

    It’s not retrofitted tech requiring policies to enforce regular backups, it’s created for the always connected around-the-clock, globe-trotting information worker. It’s automatic and continuous. It frees IT staff to do a lot more, and helps CIOs and CISOs sleep at night knowing there’s always an up-to-the-minute backup plan.

  • Usable

    It’s as easy as texting and just as instant.

    Digital transformation in the consumer sector is way ahead of what’s happening in the organization. Your employees are highly connected, informed, empowered and confident. They know how easy and elegant an app ought to be. No foolin’.

  • Secure

    It gives you (and only you) the keys to the kingdom.

    In an age where data privacy is under fire, modern endpoint backup prevents access to encrypted data without the full knowledge of the customer. In any deployment (even the cloud), the customer has the ability to hold the encryption keys on-premises. 

  • Device agnostic

    It’s one size fits all.

    Whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux, modern endpoint backup works across operating systems without compromise. It's about time. It's not a Windows-only world anymore, 92% of companies now support Mac.

  • Reliable

    It doesn’t miss a beat or a byte.

    Modern endpoint backup is easy to manage by IT and lightweight on the device, posing no impediment to work and no reason for employees to disable it.

  • Scalable

    It goes big.

    Modern endpoint backup saves a copy of every version of every file regardless of file type or size. It's simple to manage the entire enterprise deployment via a powerful console—whether you have 500 or 50,000 users. 

  • Resilient

    It’s like nature. It’s always there. It heals itself. It’s perennial.

    Every version of every file is ready for recovery no matter what “disappeared” it.

  • Extensible

    It goes the extra mile.

    Once you’ve captured the data set on every device, you’ve got a data migration plan that saves time and money. You’ve got a way to analyze who had what data when—in the event of insider data theft. And you’ve got a get-out-of-jail-free card if you get hit with ransomware. Undergoing litigation? No problem. Use modern endpoint backup for preserve-in-place legal hold.

Your Endpoint Security Strategy Starts with Backup

Modern endpoint backup is an essential and fundamental cyber security investment in an era of the inevitable breach. By centralizing all end-user data on a single platform, enterprises get full visibility and control, and the ability to detect, respond and remediate following data incidents.


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