Protect All Data and All Users.

Fire, natural disaster, vandalism, theft or carelessness—a data disaster can strike at any moment. You need to know business data living on desktops and laptops is protected and secure. Most importantly, you need to know that—at any point—you can recover that data in the event of loss.

CrashPlan PROe reliably protects enterprise data, assuring it can be recovered whenever and wherever needed.

Continuous “set it and forget it” data backup.

Once PROe is set up, it runs invisibly and continuously in the background. Users don’t have to manually do anything to ensure data is backed up. They also can easily access backed up content from mobile devices, and manage PROe settings from them as well. And customizable backup sets let users easily send different groups of files to different destinations with different backup settings—all without involving IT.

Simple, user-initiated restores and recovery.

Users restore files immediately, themselves—even when away from the office or while using their mobile device—without needing IT help. They also can easily search for specific files and recover archived files based on date, time or incremental version. In addition, mobile apps for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows devices let users access data from anywhere.

Easy administration by IT.

Managing backup is easy thanks to PROe’s cross-platform support and intuitive, real-time dashboard of the entire backup environment.

CrashPlan PROe supports a variety of OS platforms—Mac, Windows or Linux—giving users a consistent experience and enabling IT to purchase, learn and maintain only one backup solution enterprise-wide. Admins also can complete cross-platform restores across any available network medium.

Unlimited data retention.

Currently safeguarding more than four exabytes of data worldwide, CrashPlan PROe lets you keep your data forever. With no restrictions on the size, number, frequency or type of file you can back up, PROe assures all your data is protected.

Many features to love.

Multi-Destination Backup … Data Security … Data De-Duplication … Unlimited Backups … Customizable Backup Sets … Data Seeding … Real-Time Reporting … Storage Management … Single Sign-On … Controlled Client Upgrades … Customizable Installers … Flexible File Selection … Mobile Data Access...

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