Switching Platforms? No Problem.

Data and operating system migration and technology refresh introduce the potential for data loss as well as financial and operational damages. Endpoint backup is a critical first step to preventing data loss before, during and after migration. With CrashPlan endpoint backup and restore, enterprise devices are fully protected—so enterprise data is never at risk.

A “platform-enthusiastic” approach.

Since CrashPlan is cross-platform, IT admins can seamlessly port backups and settings during data migrations—even when moving between platforms, such as from Windows to Mac.

Continuous, silent, uninterrupted backup.

Since CrashPlan runs continuously and automatically in the background, data is backed up and ready for migration with no disruption to end users.

Simple push restores for admins.

With CrashPlan, admins can easily push data restores to end user laptops and desktops.

Easy, self-service restores.

After a data migration, users can restore files immediately, themselves—even when away from the office—without involving IT staff.

Point-in-time recovery.

Since CrashPlan is unlimited, every version of every file is protected forever. Any user or admin can easily recover specific files based on date, time or incremental version. Because CrashPlan checks the health of backup archives days, weeks, months and years after original data blocks are backed up, this ensures that files can be recovered from any point-in-time. In addition, cross-platform restores are supported across any available network medium.

Many features to love.

Multi-Destination Backup … Data Security … Data De-Duplication … Unlimited Backups … Customizable Backup Sets … Data Seeding … Real-Time Reporting … Storage Management … Single Sign-On … Controlled Client Upgrades … Customizable Installers … Flexible File Selection … Mobile Data Access...

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