Streamline e-Discovery and Legal Hold

With complete control and visibility of endpoint data, enterprises can automate and streamline key phases of e-discovery and legal holds. CrashPlan, built on the Code42 platform, is the foundation for these initiatives.

CrashPlan silently and continuously backs up and protects every file and every version created and stored on laptops and desktops—across the entire organization—creating a viable, discoverable repository of enterprise data. The Code42 admin console enables identification, preserve-in-place, capture and audit trails of endpoint content—and supports ingestion of data into e-Discovery systems.

Push Restore for Faster e-Discovery

Push restore streamlines the collection or recollection of end-user archives with the ability to restore collected data to another device for analysis—with no disruption to the end-user.

Real-time Policies for “Preserve-in-Place” Legal Holds

Real-time policies enable IT admins to shift users to new groups and lock data retention policies (to prevent file deletion, for example). Data policies are automatically applied with no impact on end-user productivity.

Silent, Continuous and Unlimited Backup

CrashPlan runs automatically, in the background to protect all the data all the time eliminating the need for IT and legal teams to recollect endpoint data over time.

Audit Trails Prove Chain of Custody

Audit trails track every change to every file. This well-defined chain of custody enables admins to ensure no tampering occurred once a legal hold was put into effect.

API Integrations for Deeper Insight

The Code42 REST API automates ingestion of endpoint data into other legal or reporting solutions. For example, our Splunk integration provides additional visibility and insight into collected data via custom reporting and detailed analytics.

Easier Compliance Management

CrashPlan’s admin console provides an intuitive, real-time dashboard of the entire backup environment—including policies, profiles and data retention—to make managing data and ensuring compliance easier. From a single-pane, easy-to-use console, administrators can enforce data retention policies, specify backup scheduling and adjust information security settings, across multiple operating systems and devices.

Granular Admin Roles & Controls

CrashPlan’s role-based administration allows enterprises to limit admin access to data under legal hold.

End-to-End Data Security

When backup is activated on any device, data is automatically encrypted (448-bit) on the source device and remains encrypted during transit and storage. No matter which deployment model an enterprise chooses, the enterprise can opt to keep the data encryption keys behind their firewall.

Many features to love.

Multi-Destination Backup … Data Security … Data De-Duplication … Unlimited Backups … Customizable Backup Sets … Data Seeding … Real-Time Reporting … Storage Management … Single Sign-On … Controlled Client Upgrades … Customizable Installers … Flexible File Selection … Mobile Data Access...

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