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Get Your Own 42 Towel

Several people who saw our Towel Day post inquired about where we got the cool ’42’ towels that we use at the Code 42 offices. They are from ThinkGeek. You’ll find them here:

Knowing Where Your Towel Is

For lovers of Douglas Adam’s masterwork, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (like us at Code 42 Software) today is an important day: Towel Day

Created to honor Douglas himself, and to celebrate that most useful of inventions: the towel.

In fact, we’d say that knowing where your towel is ranks up there in importance…

Computer Care Tips

Having a sound offsite or online backup plan is, of course, an important part of protecting your data, but there are also some basic tasks that you can do to help keep your computer running in top shape. Here are a few tips.

Computers need to keep cool for optimal performance, so good air circulation…

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