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Matthew’s Favorite Things

Our CEO/co-founder Matthew Dornquast recently mentioned a few of his favorite CrashPlan features/functionalities released in the last 18 months:

No limits: versions, size, archives, retention–all completely unlimited Silent, continuous operation: stays out of your way, and it never forgets to run Customizable backup sets: let users–or IT–choose where their data goes and when Multi-destination backup:…

Danger Ahead: Why File Sync is Not Endpoint Backup

Some cloud-based file sync vendors tout their solutions as viable alternatives for the online backup of business information stored on laptops and desktops. But existing sync products lack a variety of critical backup capabilities, including those required to secure enterprise data.

For instance, how does synchronization address security requirements in an enterprise? How can synchronization…

A Truly Special Occasion

Hardly a week goes by at the Code42 offices without someone quoting a line from “The Princess Bride.” The one that popped into my head today is from the Impressive Clergyman: “Wuv—twoo wuv—is foweveh.”

We learned the happy news this week that one of our Product Managers, Breon Nagy, proposed to his girlfriend. Being one…

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