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Matthew’s Favorite Things

Our CEO/co-founder Matthew Dornquast recently mentioned a few of his favorite CrashPlan features/functionalities released in the last 18 months:

No limits: versions, size, archives, retention–all completely unlimited Silent, continuous operation: stays out of your way, and it never forgets to run Customizable backup sets: let users–or IT–choose where their data goes and when Multi-destination backup:…

Danger Ahead: Why File Sync is Not Endpoint Backup

Some cloud-based file sync vendors tout their solutions as viable alternatives for the online backup of business information stored on laptops and desktops. But existing sync products lack a variety of critical backup capabilities, including those required to secure enterprise data.

For instance, how does synchronization address security requirements in an enterprise? How can synchronization…

Leading Scientists Depend on CrashPlan PROe

Supporting scientists in the world’s leading institution for ocean research that runs over 300 programs across all seven seas, Systems Engineer Nate Huffnagle knows he needs to be prepared for anything.

“Security is more than just encryption protection,” Huffnagle said. “There’s a cost associated with what you’re backing up, an integrity of data that’s more…

CrashPlan Features: Take the Tour

If you’re new to CrashPlan, welcome! You’ve started your fearless digital life, and you’ll never have to worry about backups again.

We engineered CrashPlan to be easy to use: just download, sign up and you’re done! But if you’re curious what else CrashPlan can do, or if you’d like to customize your backup experience, we…

CrashPlan Step-by-Step Adoption Process

Getting a new computer doesn’t mean you have to upload all your data again. Using CrashPlan’s adoption process, you can transfer your old computer’s identity to your new machine, so you can continue backing up without having to re-send data.

When you choose to adopt a computer with CrashPlan, you’re basically telling CrashPlan to assume…

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