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Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

For the last month, we’ve been telling the story of how NYC master engineer Drew Lavyne recovered his business after Superstorm Sandy. (We’ll wrap up the story this Friday.) Turns out we’re not the only ones who found some valuable lessons about business continuity in the aftermath of the disaster.

Today on LinkedIn, Steve Anderson posted “4 Lessons Every Business Should Learn from Superstorm Sandy,” a great article every business owner should read.

“Every business needs to take the necessary steps to be prepared for any type of disaster. Weather patterns are changing. ‘Unusual’ weather is becoming common. Think through the potential problems your organization could face.”

This is a great point. It’s tempting to think of natural disasters in regional terms. For example, I could be briefly tempted to think we don’t have to worry about hurricanes in the midwest, until I remember the deadly tornado that touched down a quarter mile away from my home just a few years ago. No matter where your business is located, it’s vulnerable to an extreme weather event of some kind. Local backups are great, but they’re not enough for total data security. Steve continues:

“The agent who had their system and servers located within their office was not able to physically get to their office for a week because of the effects of the storm. This lack of access to client policy information complicated the process of taking claim information from clients. After this experience, the agency owner said he will be moving the database to a third-party hosted service.”

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