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CrashPlan PRO: An Introduction

CrashPlan and CrashPlan+ have been at the forefront of our posts lately with World Backup Day still a recent memory. We’re changing things up a bit today to (re)-introduce you to CrashPlan PRO. CrashPlan PRO is enterprise software designed for organizations with the technical resources and expertise to manage a server. Take the features you know and love about the CrashPlan desktop software…

  • Easy installation
  • Continuous backup
  • Cross-platform support
  • Unobtrusive operation
  • Complete protection onsite, offsite and online
  • Simple restores


…and add PRO Server for enterprise-grade management and reporting:

  • Remote web management
  • Remote client configuration
  • User groups
  • Global or group based policies
  • Automatic client updates
  • Admin-level email alerts and reports
  • Directory services integration
  • Built-in migration tools
  • Developer API


…for a single software solution that you own and control, providing protection for your entire business. That’s CrashPlan PRO in a nutshell.

As an added bonus, CrashPlan PRO is designed to scale, so whether your organization has 10 or 10,000+ computers to back up, you can benefit from the additional management features CrashPlan PRO provides.


Want to learn more about the cross-platform, client/server backup software that runs directly on your hardware? Download CrashPlan PRO for free and try it out for your business or check out the Planning Guide for more details on deploying CrashPlan PRO.

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