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Backing Up Buckeyes

We’ve documented the growing trend of consumerization in IT. But it isn’t just the enterprise that needs to adapt to the massive influx of personal devices. Protecting university data on faculty/staff laptops and desktops is a priority for higher ed IT teams, especially with such a mobile workforce.

With critical research and academic data on so many endpoints, how can the modern educational IT leader protect it all, and still have time for all the other tasks needing attention?


The Ohio State University’s Tim Winningham, systems manager for the mathematics department, seems to have found the answer; he decreased the time his IT group spent on endpoint backup by a whopping 98%! How did he manage such a feat? Simple: he deployed CrashPlan PROe.

Winningham chose a private cloud strategy for the math department and credits its easy implementation. His team loves that it takes just two to three minutes to set up a user with CrashPlan PROe. “It’s not hard. I can even send student-workers to set up PROe,” Winningham said. “It easily integrates into Active Directory, and the interface is easy, smooth and intuitive. It doesn’t take time or tech training, and I don’t need to be the expert in backup because someone’s done it for me by putting a good product out there that plugs right into my JAMF Software Casper Suite reporting. So, that saves me money.”

Read the whole story, watch Tim talk about PROe and learn how you can reduce the backup burden of your IT team.

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