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4 Tips for IT Consumerization Success

The consumerization of IT is much more than just a passing phase, and it can provide benefits for both employees and the enterprise.

During a recent TechTarget event, independent expert and TechTarget contributor Brian Madden presented a session titled “Ten ways to make consumerization work for you.” Among Madden’s tips were four that struck a chord with our team.

1. Tip: Accept the reality.

The constantly changing consumer technology landscape now drives a constantly changing technology landscape in the enterprise, which includes both smartphones and tablets. IT departments with the imagination to be flexible and the confidence to ease their grip on incoming devices will recognize the benefits of IT consumerization in the workplace. However, they first must understand IT consumerization as a reality. “If you want to figure out how to deal with consumerization in your organization, the first step is acceptance,” Madden said.

2. Tip: Don’t give up on data protection. 

Amazing as it may seem, some companies declare that users are responsible for their own backups on their own devices. Sadly, research has shown most users will not take the time to manually back up. With an automatic endpoint backup solution like CrashPlan PROe, IT leaders can rest easy, knowing corporate data on endpoint devices is safeguarded at all times.

3. Tip: Rethink network security.

Mobile device connections can open up a host of security issues. When dealing with mobile devices, endpoint security policies are an important part of network protection, because they require each device to comply with certain standards before network access is granted. CrashPlan PROe’s end-to-end security supports dual-factor authentication and provides a unified admin console that can be used to manage backup for an entire enterprise—including policies, profiles and data retention.

4. Tip: Strike a balance between lockdown and freedom. 

As Alyssa Woods explains in her TechTarget article about Madden’s presentation, “There is a spectrum between complete device lockdown and total freedom, and IT needs to find a balance. Users tend to want freedom, but admins have to reach a happy medium that provides security and meets compliance requirements.” Providing users with the tools—like CrashPlan PROe—needed to protect their data no matter what device they’re using can help your organization empower employees to select their own technological devices, all the while knowing that data can be quickly and easily recovered whenever needed.


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