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Wired, Tekzilla, PCMag Recommend CrashPlan for World Backup Day

As you may know, World Backup Day was this past weekend. I’m sure everyone celebrated with cocktails and confetti. World Backup Day served as a perfect opportunity to reflect on all our valuable data and contemplate the importance of data backup.

We’re not the only ones who used this opportunity to think about data backup!, Tekzilla, Gear Diary, PCMag and ABC Birmingham love data backup too – and they love CrashPlan!, CrashPlan Saves Your Files in Multiple Places

data backup suggestion

“CrashPlan is the latest service that I’ve tried and has a twist that’s different than the ones I’ve reviewed previously. It allows easy backup for free on another, designated, computer.”

 Revision3 Show, Tekzilla, World Backup Day Special!

CrashPlan review

“On CrashPlan, you can actually just select the folders and drives that you want. In this case, these are the files that I’ve decided to keep.”

PCMag, Disaster-Proof Your Data with Online Backup

free offsite backup

“But perhaps the most fascinating twist on online backup comes from CrashPlan, which actually lets you specify a friend’s computer as your online backup target, saving you from paying for server storage.”

Gear Diary, Did You Backup Today? One Lucky Person Will Be Able to for Free!

Gear Diary backup

“CrashPlan+ is one of the best cloud backup solutions I have reviewed. It’s easy to install, works on many platforms and is automatic.”

ABC Birmingham, TechBits: World Backup Day

backup and restore best

“CrashPlan stores your data on remote servers. So if a natural disaster destroys your home and computer, you can still go online to get it.”

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