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Your Free 30-day Trial of CrashPlan+

This blog post aims to address basic questions about the trial and clarify why CrashPlan+ is the right data backup service for your personal backup needs.

First, what distinguishes CrashPlan’s free service from the 30-day trial of CrashPlan+? In addition to the capabilities of our free CrashPlan software, CrashPlan+ has the following upgraded CrashPlan+ features:

  • Real-time backup
  • Backup sets
  • Web restore
  • Version retention
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Secure online storage
  • Enhanced 448-bit encryption


So what happens to your CrashPlan+ account after your trial or the subscription expires? In addition to reverting to the free version of CrashPlan,

  • Backups will no longer go to the CrashPlan Central destination.
  • You cannot restore the files that you backed to CrashPlan Central.
  • Only your default backup set will continue to backup.
  • Expired backup sets remain visible in your backup set list.
  • You cannot add new backup sets or edit backup sets you created.
  • You can remove the backup sets you created.
  • You can continue to restore files from destinations (except from CrashPlan Central) in your expired backup sets.


Of course, the best way to answer all of your CrashPlan+ questions is to try our 30-day trial of CrashPlan+. Visit our CrashPlan+ site and download the free trial for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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