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Lifehacker Highlights CrashPlan on World Backup Day

Happy World Backup Day!

The greeting card companies don’t have a monopoly on creating holidays. The Reddit community has declared today, March 31, World Backup Day, a day to remind us all to review our backup strategies and ensure our digital valuables are protected. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s blog, we are celebrating today with a World Backup Day contest.

We know that backup is boring to most people. We get that. But for all of us at Code 42 Software, backup is why we get up in the morning. We restore files all the time, but when someone takes the time to write us to say thank you for saving their wedding photos, home movies, or other irreplaceable data, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We especially appreciate it when people from the outside are able to distill the essence of the CrashPlan backup story. Adam Pash at Lifehacker gets it and posted a great article on their site earlier today. We’re huge fans of Lifehacker and to see an article posted on the front page of one of our favorite tech sites is humbling. Adam wrote an excellent guide to backing up with CrashPlan. He explains important concepts, takes you through the setup process, and covers your options in a clear and easy to understand way. He even emphasizes the importance of multi-destination backup, something that is often overlooked but is integral for a true backup plan. We think it’s a great read for everyone, but especially if you’re looking for a backup solution.

CrashPlan data backup software

Thanks to the Reddit community for putting backup at the forefront today and thanks to our customers for trusting us to protect your digital valuables.

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